National Trade and Professional Associations Directory

Since 1965, the National Trade and Professional Associations Directory has been the authority on trade and professional organizations in the United States. Only this directory delivers all the information you need — in time to make all the difference to your ability to research organizations, spot opportunities, and make contacts. Don't miss out order your edition today!

Detailed information on the association community, including:

  • Over 8,000 trade and professional organizations
  • Over 35,000 key executive contacts
  • Advanced information on conferences planned beyond 2019
  • Number of non-convention events held with over 100 attendees
  • Education related details: certification designation, continued education enrollment
  • Conference related details: conference chair, exhibitors
  • Tax-exempt status
  • Membership list availability, manager contact info

Indexed 8 ways so you save time and money on research

  • Associations — alphabetical listing for 8,000+ associations; each includes year founded, historical notes, member fees, HQ contact information, staff and membership size, operating budget range, key executives or officers, upcoming meetings, serial publications, and much more.
  • Subject — zero in on associations for specific industries and occupations
  • Location — cross-referenced by HQ city and state
  • Budget — associations broken down by 14 budget levels
  • Executives — listed by name with association affiliation
  • Association Acronym — abbreviations used by associations
  • Certification Acronym — for associations offering their own programs
  • Meetings —by city and state with facility, dates, projected attendance

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