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301 USITT United States Institute for Theatre Technology
302 USLA United States Lifesaving Association
303 USLA United States Lighthouse Society
304 USLA United States Luge Association
305 USLCA United States Lactation Consultant Association
306 USLGA United States Lavender Growers Association
307 USMA U.S. Metric Association
308 USMA Utility Supply Management Alliance
309 USMC United States Maglev Coalition (USMC)
310 USMEF United States Meat Export Federation
311 USMI U.S. Mortgage Insurers
312 USMPA United States Modern Pentathlon Association
313 USMSA United States Marine Safety Association
314 USNCSA United States Navy Cruiser Sailors Association
315 USOA Underwater Society of America
316 USOBA United States Organizations for Bankruptcy Alternatives (USOBA)
317 USOGA U.S. Oil and Gas Association
318 USOGA U.S. Oil and Gas Association - Alabama/Mississippi Division
319 USP United States Pharmacopeia
320 USPA United States Parachute Association
321 USPA United States Polo Association
322 USPAACC United States Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce
323 USPB United States Potato Board
324 USPC United States Pony Clubs
325 USPF United States Powerlifting Federation: Texas Chapter
326 USPF United States Powerlifting Federation
327 USPOULTRY United States Poultry and Egg Association
328 USPPFOP FOP/United States Park Police Labor Committe
329 USPTA United States Professional Tennis Association
330 USRA Universities Space Research Association
331 USRA United Shoe Retailers Association
332 USRA United States Rowing Association
333 USRBC United States Russia Business Council
334 USRPA US Rice Producers Association
335 USRPA US Rice Producers Association: Louisiana Chapter
336 USRSA United States Racquet Stringers Association
337 USS US Sailing
338 USS SLC USS Salt Lake City Association
339 USSA United States Ski and Snowboard Association
340 USSA United Suffolk Sheep Association
341 USSA United States Superyacht Association
342 USSD United States Society on Dams
343 USSS United States Synchronized Swimming
344 USSSA United States Swim School Association
345 USSSA United States Snowshoe Association
346 USTA United States Telecom Association
347 USTA U.S. Travel Association
348 USTA United States Tennis Association
349 USTA United States Trotting Association
350 USTA United States Tennis Association - Eastern Section
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