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1201 SWAM Southwest Academy of Management
1202 SWAMP Stuntwomen's Association of Motion Pictures
1203 SWANA SWANA - Solid Waste Association of North America
1204 SWANA-AL Solid Waste Association of North America - Alabama Chapter
1205 SWANA-CC Solid Waste Association of North America - California Chapters
1206 SWANA-WI Wisconsin Chapter of the Solid Waste Association of North America
1207 SWAP Southwestern Association of Parasitologists
1208 SWAPA Southwest Airlines Pilots Association
1209 SWARS Southwest Association of Rail Shippers
1210 SWASAP SouthWest Association of Student Assistance Programs
1211 SWAT Southwest Agility Team
1212 SWBA SouthWest Benefits Association
1213 SWBCS Southwest Business Credit Services
1214 SWBI Southwestern Brick Institute
1215 SWCCA Southwest Cable Communication Association
1216 SWCHA Southwest College Health Association
1217 SWCS Soil and Water Conservation Society
1218 SWCS Soil and Water Conservation Society - Southeast Region
1219 SWCSNM Southwestern Chapter of the Society of Nuclear Medicine
1220 SWDA Souvenir Wholesale Distributors Association
1221 SWE Society of Women Engineers
1222 SWE The Society of Wine Educators
1223 SWG Society of Woman Geographers
1224 SWI Steel Window Institute
1225 SWIA Southwestern Ice Association
1226 SWICA Southwest Insulation Contractors Association
1227 SWJA Southwest Judo Academy
1228 SWMA Southern Weights and Measures Association
1229 SWMEA Southwest Marine/Aquatic Educator's Association
1230 SWMOA Southwest Membrane Operators Association
1231 SWOAM Small Woodland Owners Association of Maine
1232 SWP The Society of Wedding Professionals
1233 SWPA Submersible Wastewater Pump Association
1234 SWPA Section for Women in Public Administration
1235 SWPA Southeastern Wood Producers Association
1236 SWPA Southwestern Psychological Association
1237 SWPPA Southwest Professional Photographers Association
1238 SWPSA Southwestern Peanut Shellers Association
1239 SWR Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc. - Southwest Region
1240 SWRI Sealant, Waterproofing and Restoration Institute
1241 SWS Society for Wetland Scientists
1242 SWS Society for Wetland Scientists: Canada Chapter
1243 SWSC Southwestern Surgical Congress
1244 SWSO Southwestern Society of Orthodontists
1245 SWSP Southwest Society of Periodontists
1246 SWSPD Southwestern Society of Pediatric Dentistry
1247 SWST Society of Wood Science and Technology
1248 SWTA Southwest Transit Association
1249 SWU StandWithUs
1250 SWVS Southwest Veterinary Symposium
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