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551 OSC Oklahoma Safety Council
552 OSC Oregon Seed Council
553 OSCA Ohio State Chiropractic Association
554 OSCA Ohio State Coroners Association
555 OSCPA Oklahoma Society of Certified Public Accountants
556 OSCPA Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants
557 OSCPA Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants
558 OSDA Ohio Soft Drink Association
559 OSDVS Oklahoma Society of Directors of Volunteer Services
560 OSEA Oregon School Employees Association
561 OSFA Oklahoma State Firefighters Association
562 OSG Ohio State Grange
563 OSG Oregon State Grange
564 OSGA Oregon Sheep Growers Association
565 OSH Orchard Supply Hardware
566 OSHBA Oklahoma State Home Builders Association
567 OSHHRA Ohio Society of Hospital Human Resources Administrators
568 OSHOGR Ohio State H.O.G. Rally
569 OSIA Ohio Self-Insurers Association
570 OSIA Ohio Seed Improvement Association
571 OSIA Oregon Self-Insurers Association
572 OSMA Oklahoma State Medical Association
573 OSMA Ohio State Medical Association
574 OSMA Orthopedic Surgical Manufacturers Association
575 OSMB Oregon State Marine Board
576 OSPA Oregon State Pharmacy Association
577 OSPA Ohio School Psychologists Association
578 OSPA Oregon Society of Physician Assistants
579 OSPE Oklahoma Society of Professional Engineers
580 OSPE Ohio Society of Professional Engineers
581 OSPRA Oregon School Public Relations
582 OSRA Organizational Systems Research Association
583 OSRC Ohio Society for Respiratory Care
584 OSROA Ohio School Resource Officers Association
585 OSRT Ohio Society of Radiologic Technologists
586 OSSBA Oklahoma State School Boards Association
587 OSSD Organization for the Study of Sex Differences
588 OSSEA Ohio State Society of Enrolled Agents
589 OSSWA Ohio School Social Work Association
590 OSTA Ohio State Trappers Association
591 OSTA Optical Storage Technology Association
592 OSTA Ohio Security Traders Association
593 OSTMA Ohio Sports Turf Managers Association
594 OSWA Oregon Small Woodlands Association
595 OSWAHCR Oregon and Southwest Washington Association for Health Care Recruitment
596 OSWCA Ontario Sewer and Watermain Construction Association
597 OSWGA Ocean State Women's Golf Association
598 OTA OpenTravel Alliance
599 OTA Organic Trade Association
600 OTA Oklahoma Transit Association
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