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1651 IVMA Iowa Veterinary Medical Association
1652 IVMA Idaho Veterinary Medical Association
1653 IVMA Indiana Veterinary Medical Association
1654 IVODGA International Vessel Operators Dangerous Goods Association
1655 IVVGA Imperial Valley Vegetable Growers Association
1656 IW Intellus Worldwide
1657 IWA International Webmasters Association
1658 IWBDA Iowa Wholesale Beer Distributors Association
1659 IWC Idaho Wine Commission
1660 IWC International Willow Collectors
1661 IWCA International Window Cleaning Association
1662 IWCA International Writing Centers Association
1663 IWCP Institute of WorkComp Professionals
1664 IWEA Indiana Water Environment Association
1665 IWEA Illinois Wind Energy Coalition
1666 IWFA International Window Film Association
1667 IWGA Idaho Wool Growers Association
1668 IWGA Indiana Women's Golf Association
1669 IWGA Iowa Winegrowers Association
1670 IWGA Illinois Women's Golf Association
1671 IWGS International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society
1672 IWIA Iowa Women in Agriculture
1673 IWLA International Warehouse Logistics Association
1674 IWMC International Wildlife Management Consortium
1675 iWomen International Association of Women in Fire and Emergency Services
1676 IWPA The International Wood Products Association
1677 IWRA International Wild Rice Association
1678 IWRC International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council
1679 IWSS International Weed Science Society
1680 IWWA Iowa Water Well Association
1681 IWWG International Women's Writing Guild
1682 IYBA International Yacht Brokers Association
1683 IYSA Illinois Youth Soccer Association
1684 IYSA Idaho Youth Soccer Association
1685 IZA International Zinc Association-America
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