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1551 ISTA Indiana State Teachers Association
1552 ISTA Illinois School Transportation Association
1553 ISTAT International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading
1554 ISTE International Society for Technology in Education
1555 ISTH International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis
1556 ISTMA Iowa Sports Turf Managers Association
1557 ISTR International Society for Third-Sector Research
1558 ISTSS International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies
1559 ISTTE International Society of Travel and Tourism Educators
1560 ISUCEP Iowa State University Council of Extension Professionals
1561 ISVMA Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association
1562 ISWM International Society of Weighing and Measurement
1563 ISWNE International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors
1564 IT Incredible Technologies, Inc
1565 ITA Indoor Tanning Association
1566 ITA Idaho Trucking Association
1567 ITA Industrial Truck Association
1568 ITA Intercollegiate Tennis Association
1569 ITA International Titanium Association
1570 ITA Instrumentation Testing Association
1571 ITA Illinois Trucking Association
1572 ITA Indiana Township Association
1573 ITA Indiana Transportation Association
1574 ITA USTA/Intermountain Tennis Association
1575 ITA Illinois Telecommunications Association
1576 ITA Idaho Thoroughbred Association, Inc.
1577 ITA Illinois Technology Association
1578 ITA Illinois Theatre Association
1579 ITA Information Technology Alliance
1580 ITA International Taekwondo Alliance
1581 ITA International Trombone Association
1582 ITA International Twins Association
1583 ITAA International Textile and Apparel Association
1584 ITAA The International Transactional Analysis Association
1585 ITAC Telework Advisory Group for World at Work
1586 ITACCS Trauma Care International
1587 ITANJ Italian Teachers Association of New Jersey
1588 ITBOF Illinois Thoroughbred Breeders and Owners Foundation
1589 ITC Intertribal Timber Council
1590 ITC Instructional Technology Council
1591 ITC Institute of Tax Consultants
1592 ITCA International True Colors Association
1593 ITCTLA International Trade Commission Trial Lawyers Association
1594 ITDA Iowa Tire Dealers Association
1595 ITE Institute of Transportation Engineers
1596 ITE Western District of the Institute of Transportation Engineers
1597 ITEA International Test and Evaluation Association
1598 ITEA International Tuba-Euphonium Association
1599 ITechLaw International Technology Law Association
1600 ITEEA International Technology and Engineering Educators Association
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