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101 HDA Holistic Dental Association
102 HDA Hawaii Dental Association
103 HDA Hawaii Dietetic Association
104 HDBMC Heavy Duty Brake Manufacturers Council
105 HDI Help Desk Institute
106 HDI-NE Help Desk Institute - Nebraska Chapter
107 HDMA Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association
108 HDRA Heavy Duty Representatives Association
109 HDS History of Dermatology Society
110 HE HOMER Energy, LLC
111 HEAV Home Educators Association of Virginia
112 HEC Hawaiian Executive Conference
113 HEC Hawaii Employers Council
114 HECSE Higher Education Consortium for Special Education
115 HECUA Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs
116 HEDNA Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association
117 HEI Heat Exchange Institute
118 HELO Hispanic Elected Local Officials
119 HERA Housing Education and Research Association
120 HERA Humanities Education and Research Association
121 HERS Higher Education Resource Services (HERS)
122 HES The History of Education Society
123 HES History of Economics Society
124 HeSCA Health and Sciences Communications Association
125 HESS History of Earth Sciences Society
126 HEUG Higher Education Users Group
127 HF Hardwood Federation
128 HF Health Forum
129 HFA Hemophilia Federation of America
130 HFA Hedge Fund Association
131 HFA Home Furnishings Association
132 HFA Hawaii Flooring Association
133 HFAM Health Facilities Association of Maryland
134 HFB Hawaii Farm Bureau
135 HFBA Hawaii Food & Beverage Association
136 HFES Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
137 HFMA Healthcare Financial Management Association
138 HFPA Home Fashion Products Association
139 HFSA Heart Failure Society of America
140 HFTP Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals
141 HGA Hop Growers of America
142 HGA Handweavers Guild of America, Inc.
143 HGCSA Hawaii Golf Course Superintendents Association
144 HGEA Hawaii Government Employees Association
145 HGMN Herb Growing and Marketing Network
146 HGW Hop Growers of Washington
147 HHCANY Hearing Health Care Alliance of New York
148 HHH House Hasson Hardware
149 HHI International Concatenated Order of Hoo-Hoo
150 HHI Harness Horsemen International
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