What About Micro-credentialing:
Which Model (If Any) is Right for You?


In the association and nonprofit world, there’s a lot of buzz about micro-credentials.

But how are they actually different from traditional credentialing programs? What kind of education program will (and won’t) benefit from micro-credentialing? Who’s currently offering programs like this and what value are they seeing? Which micro-credentialing model is right for your specific organization. And how do you get started?

Now, get your answers directly from a top micro-credentialing consultant!

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In this 90-minute webinar, credentialing expert Mickie Rops takes you behind all the buzz to explain exactly how micro-credentialing differs from traditional models—and how associations and nonprofits can translate those differences into all-new value for their educational programs.

What to know and how to get started.  From what digital badges are—and aren’t—to the advantages of “stacking” micro-credentials, you’ll be able to assess whether it makes sense to add such a program (or improve a program you’re already offering). You'll also learn strategies to make implementing and managing micro-credentialing programs most successful. Plus, you’ll have the chance to ask your own questions during the Q&A portion of the webinar.

Reserve your space now for a practical—and strategic—look at the value micro-credentialing could add to your education program, including:

  • Key trends that are challenging traditional credentialing models
  • What micro-credentials, stacked credentials and digital badges are and how they’re used
  • The potential value of micro-credentialing for your organization
  • Different micro-credential models to use as your starting point
  • How to get started with micro-credentialing development and implementation

Remember, micro-credentialing can bring enormous value to an association’s education program.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn whether it’s right for you, and—if so—which are the best models for your content, audience and goals.

Register now for What About Micro-credentialing: Which Model (If Any) is Right for You?

Meet Your Webinar Leader

As president and principal consulting of Mickie Rops Consulting LLC, Mickie helps organizations make the right credentialing decisions.  Much of her consulting work is in educating organizations on credentialing options and guiding them in the decision as to which credentialing program, if any, is the right fit for the challenges they face.  She also conducts audits of full programs or program components to make recommendations for improvement, and customizes governance and management systems and polices for credentialing organizations. Mickie has had first-hand experience as a credentialing staff executive, applicant, and board member, combined with almost two decades of consulting with credentialing agencies of all sizes and across industry segments. Mickie speaks and writes frequently on credentialing matters.  ASAE has published her staff and board member reference guide Certification Simplified and her certification chapter in Core Competencies in Professional Development, which is on ASAE’s Authoritative Literature List.  These and other valuable resources can be found on her website, www.msrops.com.

Who Should Attend

This webinar is of value to all associations and nonprofits looking to enhance their educational offerings or improve their existing micro-credentialing model. Attendees who will benefit most include:

  • CEOs
  • Presidents
  • Chief Learning Officers
  • Directors, Education
  • Directors, Training & Development
  • Directors, Certification & Credentialing

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