United States Tennis Association - Midwest Section

United States Tennis Association - Midwest Section

USTA-MWS is a not-for-profit organization and the national governing body for tennis in the Midwest states including Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin. Its mission is To Promote, Grow, Develop, and Service the Game of Tennis.

Organization Type:
State or Regional Association
Sports/Leisure/Entertainment, Sports See Also Specific Sport, Tennis
Year Founded:
1310 E. 96th St.
Suite 100 Indianapolis, IN 46240

Financial Snapshot


990 information is not currently electronically available from the IRS for this organization.

990 information is not currently electronically available from the IRS for this organization.

Key Staff

Name Ascending
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Amanda Susnak Coordinator, Adult Tennis Participation Administration ...X
Amy Beaverson Contact, Northeastern Ohio - Tennis Service Representatives Administration ...X
Bret Schrama Contact, Illinois - Tennis Service Representatives Administration ...X
Chad Docktor Chief Operating Officer, Community Tennis Operations ...X
Colin Atkinson Treasurer Board Member, Finance ...X
Cyd Raduchel Analyst, Financial Finance ...X
Don Harris Delegate, USTA Board Member, Chief Executive Officer ...X
Dorian Dyson Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer Administration, Finance, Operations ...X
Elizabeth Dickison Coordinator, CTA and Finance and Director, Development Finance, Senior Executive ...X
Greg Boyd Director, Community Tennis Senior Executive ...X
Jeff Stassen Secretary Administration, Board Member ...X
Jennifer Conley Director, Operations and Human Resources Finance, Human Resources, Operations ...X
Jim Amick Director, (Sales, Diversity, Industry Relations and TSR Ohio Valley) Marketing ...X
Jim Hendrix Vice President Board Member ...X
Joy Albi President Board Member, Senior Executive ...X
Karen Sefton Controller Finance ...X
Kathy Dalla Costa Contact, Grants and Scholarships Grants ...X
Katie Orlando Vice President Board Member ...X
Keara Miller Contact, Chicago Northside Wisconsin - Tennis Service Representatives Administration ...X
Kimberly Hartzel Director, Strategic and District Relations Issue Management/Policy Planning ...X
Kris Campbell Manager, Project Operations ...X
Kylie York Contact, Information Technology, Membership and Accounting Computer/Information Technology, Finance, Membership ...X
Mark Saunders Executive Director - USTA Midwest Tennis and Education Foundation Executive Director ...X
Mary Pat Kalbas Executive Administrative Assistant Administration, Conference Committee Chair, Conventions/Meetings ...X
Matthew Gallagher Coordinator , Database Management and Information Technology Support Communications/Public Relations, Computer/Information Technology ...X
Meghan Fogus Coordinator, Tennis Service Representatives and Event Planning Conventions/Meetings ...X
Olivia Pursell Coordinator, Junior Competition Administration ...X
Paul Farah Executive President Board Member ...X
Rebecca Hancart Contact, Northeastern Ohio - Tennis Service Representatives Administration ...X
Sarah Stanchin Contact, Chicago Southside and Northern Indiana - Tennis Service Representatives. Administration ...X
Steve Wise Coordinator, Section League Administration ...X
Susan Courtright Contact, Southeastern and Northeastern Michigan - Tennis Service Representatives Administration ...X
Sydney Whitfield Contact, Western Michigan - Tennis Service Representatives Administration ...X
Tami Carnes Director, Accounting Finance ...X
Tara Moore Specialist, Marketing and Communications Communications/Public Relations, Marketing ...X
Taylor Weitzer Coordinator, Marketing and Digital Media Communications/Public Relations, Marketing ...X
Tyson Thompson Coordinator, Junior Community Tennis Administration ...X
Zoy Brown Coordinator, Section League Administration ...X


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Facility Amenities 
  This organization has no meetings information available.


  This organization has no publication data available.

Recent Lobbying Spending

Source: Lobbying Disclosure Electronic Filings, Office of the Clerk, U.S House of Representatives.

2019 Q3: $0
2019 Q2: $0
2019 Q1: $0
2018: $0

PAC Details

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Last updated: -

PAC Contributions


Outside Representation

Firm Name Ascending
Reg/ Term 
  This organization has no outside representation data available.

Legislative Issue Focus

Source: Lobbying Disclosure Electronic Filings, Office of the Clerk, U.S House of Representatives.

This organization has no legislative issue data available.

Active Legislation

This organization has no active legislation data available.


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Service Category 
Reported Year Descending
Reported Compensation 
  This organization has no contractors information available.

***Disclaimer: This information has been sourced from a combination of the IRS Forms 990, 5500, and the Federal Audit Clearinghouse

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