Three Keys to Keeping Nonprofits Operational in 2020 and Beyond


2020 has been a uniquely disruptive moment, and the implications will be far-reaching and long-lasting. For many nonprofits, shifting plans to ensure survival and sustainability is an unfortunate reality. As a result, many are rethinking some of their most basic assumptions about their organizations, from operational best practices to workplace arrangements, and so much more.

Many nonprofits are transitioning to a hybrid model that includes on-site, remote, and distributed teams. This new normal requires new systems to accommodate these big structural changes. Specifically, time, expense, and leave management practices will look significantly different.

This guide provides a deep dive into three keys that will be essential for success going forward, including details on:

  • How to accommodate new personal time tracking with remote work
  • The importance of a mobile and employee-first approach
  • How to prepare for an audit following this turbulent period

With decades of experience in this realm, DATABASICS provides a world-class, cloud-based time and expense management system for nonprofits and associations. This guide shares valuable insights gleaned from helping their customers quickly adapt to handle the time and expense management requirements in today’s business environment. 

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