Practical Tips to Tackle Dirty Data

All associations struggle to keep up with data hygiene amidst dueling challenges of staff time/experience limitations and a constantly changing world. Member and prospect records become out of date, data standards may not be in place, and the number of duplicate records requiring resolution continues to pile up.

We know starting a data clean-up process can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be!

Join Association TRENDS’ Bumblebee team for an informative one-hour webinar where they’ll walk you through a 5-step fillable guide to getting started with a data hygiene project.

During this chat we’ll cover:

  • The challenges (both overt and hidden!) of data hygiene facing associations of all sizes
  • How much dirty data is really costing your association?
  • A 5-step guide to preparing to embark on a clean-up project
  • Plus, tips for getting buy in for data clean-up at your association!

Meet Your Webinar Leaders:

Brittany Carter, President, Association TRENDS

Brittany has over 14 years of experience developing association-focused data products, services, and events including Bumblebee, Association TRENDS’ automated data transformation, and deduplication tool. She believes strongly that associations of all sizes should have access to tools that help clean, maintain, and utilize one of their strongest assets, data.


Lisa Stall, Product Manager, Data Services, Association TRENDS

Lisa Staal is the Product Manager of Data Services at Association TRENDS, a leading provider of training, data, and insights within the industry. Lisa oversees the expansion of data products and manages the related client projects. She is the proud product owner of Bumblebee, AT’s fully automated data hygiene tool. Lisa is passionate about developing and scaling data products, like Bumblebee, that help empower organizations of all sizes to better leverage their data.