National Association of Area Agencies on Aging

National Association of Area Agencies on Aging

N4A's mission is to promote a national policy that enhances the ability of older Americans to remain independent in their communities and homes. Members include Area Agencies on Aging and Title VI - Native American Aging Programs. Membership: $125-7,000/year, based on total annual budget of agency.

Organization Type:
National Trade or Professional Association
Tax Exempt Status:
Aging, Science, Gerontology
Year Founded:
1730 Rhode Island Ave. NW
Suite 1200 Washington, DC 20036
885 agencies
Certification Programs:

Financial Snapshot


Total revenues: $5,981,887

Year - 2017
1st-yr growth
Year by Year
Total contributions
Program service revenue
Miscellaneous revenue

Total expenses: $7,028,145

Year - 2017
1st-yr growth
Year by Year
Compensation for non-officers/directors
Other fees
Office expenses

Total assets: $3,240,850

Year - 2017
1st-yr growth
Year by Year
Pledges and grants receivable
Cash -- non-interest bearing
Accounts receivable

Total Liabilities: $1,425,731

Year - 2017
1st-yr growth
Year by Year
Accounts payable and accrued expenses
Deferred revenue
Other liabilities


Revenue: Amount ($)
Total contributions 3,506,654
Program service revenue 2,444,183
Miscellaneous revenue 19,775
Royalties 11,263
Investment income 12
Income from sales of inventory 0
Gaming income 0
Tax-exempt bond proceeds 0
Fundraising income 0
Sales of non-inventory assets 0
Net rental income 0
Total Revenue:


1-yr growth
Total contributions
Program service revenue
Miscellaneous revenue
Investment income


Expenses: Amount ($)
Compensation for non-officers/directors 2,049,725
Other fees 1,676,147
Office expenses 632,893
Conferences, conventions, meetings 491,798
Compensation of current officers, directors, etc 363,866
Occupancy 353,407
Other employee benefits 255,529
Other expenses 186,015
Pension plan contributions 179,482
Payroll taxes 163,984
Information technology 147,946
Accounting fees 136,628
Travel 128,989
Professional fundraising fees 95,105
Advertising and promotion 69,418
Depreciation, depletion, amortization 67,910
Legal fees 18,573
Insurance 10,730
Royalties 0
Travel/entertainment expenses to public officials 0
Interest expense 0
Payments to affiliates 0
Investment management fees 0
Lobbying fees 0
Management fees 0
Compensation of disqualified persons 0
Grants to governments/orgs in the US 0
Grants to individuals in the US 0
Grants to orgs and individuals outside the US 0
Benefits paid to or for members 0
Total Expenses:


1-yr growth
Compensation for non-officers/directors
Other fees
Office expenses
Conferences, conventions, meetings
Compensation of current officers, directors, etc
Other employee benefits
Other expenses
Pension plan contributions
Payroll taxes


Assets: Amount ($)
Pledges and grants receivable 1,885,724
Cash -- non-interest bearing 753,887
Accounts receivable 321,963
Land, buildings, & equipment (net) 134,744
Prepaid expenses or deferred charges 92,324
Other assets 27,147
Savings and temporary cash investments 25,061
Receivables from officers, directors, etc. 0
Receivables from disqualified persons 0
Notes and loans receivables 0
Program-related investments 0
Intangible assets 0
Inventories for sale or use 0
Investments in other securities 0
Investments in publicly traded securities 0
Total Assets:


1-yr growth
Pledges and grants receivable
Cash -- non-interest bearing
Accounts receivable
Land, buildings, & equipment (net)
Prepaid expenses or deferred charges
Other assets


Liabilities: Amount ($)
Accounts payable and accrued expenses 803,521
Deferred revenue 468,237
Other liabilities 153,973
Tax-exempt bond liabilities 0
Escrow or custodial account liability 0
Loans and other payables to officers, directors, etc. 0
Secured mortgages and notes payabl 0
Unsecured mortgages and notes payable 0
Grants payable 0
Total Liabilities:


1-yr growth
Accounts payable and accrued expenses
Deferred revenue
Other liabilities

   Net Assets:

Net Assets: Amount ($)
Temporarily restricted net assets 1,432,535
Unrestricted net assets 382,584
Permanently restricted net assets 0
Total Net Assets:


1-yr growth
Temporarily restricted net assets
Unrestricted net assets

Key Staff

Name Ascending
Add Prospect 
Aaron Bradley Treasurer Board Member, Finance ...X
Amy E. Gotwals Chief, Public Policy and External Affairs Government Relations, Lobby Day Contact ...X
Autumn Campbell Director, Public Policy and Advocacy Director of Government Relations, Government Relations ...X
Beth Blair Senior Research Associate Research ...X
Brenda Luna Macedo Program Assistant Administration ...X
Carlos Dávila Senior Specialist, Enhanced Services Computer/Information Technology ...X
Charlie Carroll Senior Associate, Communications Communications/Public Relations ...X
Clark Miller Treasurer Board Member, Finance ...X
Danita Gregory Information Specialist Computer/Information Technology ...X
Davis Baird Program Manager Operations ...X
Deborah Stone Walls President Board Member, Executive Director ...X
Desiree Nestor Information Specialist Computer/Information Technology ...X
Dinellie Mascoll Information Specialist Computer/Information Technology ...X
Doug McKenzie Chief, Finance and Administration Administration, Finance ...X
Eileen Miller Senior Program Associate, NCST Consumer Affairs ...X
Elvey Watson Information Specialist Computer/Information Technology ...X
Heather Edmonds Program Associate Conventions/Meetings ...X
Jacqueline Oliver Supervisor, Eldercare Locator Administration, Operations ...X
Jahnin Davis Information Specialist Computer/Information Technology ...X
Jasmine Ng Interim Coordinator, Information and Referral Systems Computer/Information Technology ...X
Joellen Leavelle Director, Communications Communications/Public Relations ...X
John E. Gonzales Program Coordinator, Information Technology and Analtyics Computer/Information Technology ...X
Jorge Pedreira Senior Specialist, Enhanced Services Computer/Information Technology ...X
Karen M. Homer Research Associate Research ...X
Karie Evans Communications Assistant Administration, Communications/Public Relations ...X
Karol Tapias Deputy Director Senior Executive ...X
Karon Phillips Program Manager Conventions/Meetings ...X
Kathryn C. Boles President Board Member ...X
Kayleigh Horst Information Specialist Computer/Information Technology ...X
Liza Michel Information Specialist Computer/Information Technology ...X
Maggie Cheung Executive Management and Events Coordinator Administration, Conventions/Meetings ...X
Marisa Scala Foley Director Senior Executive ...X
Martin Kleffner Director, Operations Operations ...X
Mary Ann Spanos First Vice President Board Member ...X
Mary Kaschak Deputy Director Senior Executive ...X
Mary Osborne Director, Eldercare Locator Operations, Senior Executive ...X
Maya Op de Beke Program Manager Conventions/Meetings ...X
Melissa Gray Manager, Program Operations ...X
Melody Spencer Proven Senior Information and Referral Specialist Administration, Computer/Information Technology ...X
Meredith Eisenhart Hanley Director Senior Executive ...X
Meron Mengistu Information Specialist Computer/Information Technology ...X
Odile Brunetto Secretary Administration, Board Member ...X
Pam Curtis Secretary Administration, Board Member ...X
Patrice Earnest Director Senior Executive ...X
Peter Lane Director, Aging Network Volunteer Resource Center Senior Executive ...X
Phil Watkins Information Specialist Computer/Information Technology ...X
Rebecca Levine Associate, Membership and Outreach Membership ...X
Sandy Markwood Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director ...X
Sarah Casiano Coordinator, Executive Assistant and Program Operations ...X
Sheena Phillip Specialist, Information Technology Services Computer/Information Technology ...X
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Year Descending
Facility Amenities 
2019n4a Annual Conference & Tradeshow 2019 ,   July 27 July 31    ...X
2018n4a 43rd Annual Conference & Tradeshow Chicago , IL , United States The Sheraton Grand Chicago July 28 August 1   Ski, Cruise, Golf, Casino, Convention Center...X
2017N4A Annual Conference & Tradeshow Savannah , GA , United States   July 29 August 2    ...X
2016N4A Leadership Institute Washington , DC , United States Georgetown University Law Center February 24 February 27    ...X
2016N4A Annual Conference & Tradeshow San Diego , CA , United States Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina July 24 July 28    ...X
2014n4a 39th Annual Conference & Tradeshow Dallas , TX , United States Hyatt Regency Dallas July 12 July 16 1000 attendees  ...X


Advocacy AlertonlineYes...X
Membership DirectoryonlineNo...X

Recent Lobbying Spending

Source: Lobbying Disclosure Electronic Filings, Office of the Clerk, U.S House of Representatives.

2018 Q4: $0
2018 Q3: $0
2018 Q2: $0
2018 Q1: $0
2017: $10,000

PAC Details

Name: -


Last updated: -

PAC Contributions


Outside Representation

Firm Name Ascending
Reg/ Term 
The Da Vinci GroupTermination 09/30/2017 ...X

Legislative Issue Focus

Source: Lobbying Disclosure Electronic Filings, Office of the Clerk, U.S House of Representatives.

This organization has no legislative issue data available.

Active Legislation

This organization has no active legislation data available.


Contractor Ascending
Service Category 
Reported Year Descending
Reported Compensation 
The Da Vinci Group Lobbying/Advocacy/Legal2017 $30,000 ...X
COCCHIARO & ASSOCIATES LLC Audit Services2016 - ...X

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