How to 10x Member Engagement


Discover the cutting edge secrets that leading non-profits, associations, and professional networks use to increase engagement by 10x.

Chapter 1: Enlightenment is a journey: It’s time to rethink the entire member journey. Industries are being transformed––moving away from an old focus on features and benefits to experiences that bring people together. How will your membership organization answer the call?

Chapter 2: Hindsight isn't 20/20. Although we may gain some insights from the past, the solutions to current challenges are in front of us. The fact is, members and their needs have changed. Learn how you can use the new dynamics of membership engagement to stay relevant.

Chapter 3: The old marketing funnel—where prospective members are guided along a path from discovery to membership—doesn’t work anymore. Members no longer fall into lines, they move fluidly within a complex web of social interactions. And that translates into an entirely new marketing model.

Chapter 4: From ROI to RO-WHY. ROI is important, but there is an even more important metric to consider when measuring the sustainability of your success. Learn how to move your members along a commitment curve, transforming them into leaders who can engage and connect with those who aren't as committed... yet. Learn how to track your RO-WHY and the ROI will follow.

Chapter 5: Every journey begins with a single step. Building an enlightened member engagement model starts with a shift in perspective. Find out how to set new benchmarks and map out a sustainable journey for your association where membership grows exponentially as your community organically scales.

Chapter 6: Nobody has all the answers (but here are some good ones). Get the answers to common questions about enlightened engagement and learn about cross-generational targeting, freemium models, journey mapping tools, and information on how you can get your own ROI calculator.

Chapter 7: The end is just the beginning. When it comes to enlightened member engagement, letting go of old outreach and top-down communication models is just the first step. This is a journey we're all on together. Are you ready to get started?

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