Engineers Without Borders USA

Engineers Without Borders USA

EWB-USA builds a better world through engineering projects that empower communities to meet their basic human needs and equip leaders to solve the world’s most pressing challenges. Membership: $35/Year.

Organization Type:
National Trade or Professional Association
Tax Exempt Status:
Education, Engineering/Mathematics
Year Founded:
1031 33rd St.
Suite 210 Denver, CO 80205
13,800 members

Financial Snapshot


Total revenues: $486,438

Year - 2017
1st-yr growth
Year by Year
Total contributions

Total expenses: $470,099

Year - 2017
1st-yr growth
Year by Year
Grants to orgs and individuals outside the US
Conferences, conventions, meetings
Management fees

Total assets: $260,820

Year - 2017
1st-yr growth
Year by Year
Cash -- non-interest bearing

Total Liabilities: $114,408

Year - 2017
1st-yr growth
Year by Year
Accounts payable and accrued expenses


Revenue: Amount ($)
Total contributions 486,438
Income from sales of inventory 0
Program service revenue 0
Investment income 0
Royalties 0
Sales of non-inventory assets 0
Net rental income 0
Miscellaneous revenue 0
Gaming income 0
Tax-exempt bond proceeds 0
Fundraising income 0
Total Revenue:


1-yr growth
Total contributions


Expenses: Amount ($)
Grants to orgs and individuals outside the US 434,673
Conferences, conventions, meetings 18,627
Management fees 15,314
Information technology 1,056
Other expenses 428
Grants to governments/orgs in the US 0
Grants to individuals in the US 0
Royalties 0
Occupancy 0
Travel 0
Travel/entertainment expenses to public officials 0
Interest expense 0
Payments to affiliates 0
Depreciation, depletion, amortization 0
Insurance 0
Legal fees 0
Accounting fees 0
Lobbying fees 0
Professional fundraising fees 0
Investment management fees 0
Other fees 0
Advertising and promotion 0
Office expenses 0
Benefits paid to or for members 0
Compensation of current officers, directors, etc 0
Compensation of disqualified persons 0
Compensation for non-officers/directors 0
Pension plan contributions 0
Other employee benefits 0
Payroll taxes 0
Total Expenses:


1-yr growth
Grants to orgs and individuals outside the US
Conferences, conventions, meetings
Management fees
Information technology
Other expenses


Assets: Amount ($)
Cash -- non-interest bearing 260,820
Accounts receivable 0
Prepaid expenses or deferred charges 0
Inventories for sale or use 0
Investments in other securities 0
Savings and temporary cash investments 0
Receivables from officers, directors, etc. 0
Receivables from disqualified persons 0
Notes and loans receivables 0
Program-related investments 0
Intangible assets 0
Investments in publicly traded securities 0
Other assets 0
Pledges and grants receivable 0
Land, buildings, & equipment (net) 0
Total Assets:


1-yr growth
Cash -- non-interest bearing


Liabilities: Amount ($)
Accounts payable and accrued expenses 114,408
Other liabilities 0
Deferred revenue 0
Tax-exempt bond liabilities 0
Escrow or custodial account liability 0
Loans and other payables to officers, directors, etc. 0
Secured mortgages and notes payabl 0
Unsecured mortgages and notes payable 0
Grants payable 0
Total Liabilities:


1-yr growth
Accounts payable and accrued expenses

   Net Assets:

Net Assets: Amount ($)
Unrestricted net assets 81,083
Temporarily restricted net assets 65,329
Permanently restricted net assets 0
Total Net Assets:


1-yr growth
Unrestricted net assets
Temporarily restricted net assets

Key Staff

Name Ascending
Add Prospect 
Abi Johnson Program, Manager, Education Education ...X
Andrew Schaefer Chief Development Officer Marketing ...X
Anna Floyd Developer, E-Learning Computer/Information Technology, Education ...X
Bernard Amadei Founder Senior Executive ...X
Brian Reilly President Board Member, Senior Executive ...X
Brigid McCreery Coordinator, Communications Communications/Public Relations ...X
Cami Schan Manager, Digital Communications Communications/Public Relations, Computer/Information Technology ...X
Catherine A. Leslie PE Executive Director Executive Director ...X
Chaz DeHerrera Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Finance ...X
Chris Broda-Bahm Senior Writer and Manager, Media Relations Communications/Public Relations, Publications ...X
Clare Haas Claveau Director, Community Engineering Corps Senior Executive ...X
Damaris Alvarez Guatemala Administrative Assistant Administration ...X
David Pfennig Manager, Gift Processor and Database Computer/Information Technology, Grants ...X
Donald R. Stevens Director, Engineering Service Corps Senior Executive ...X
Donna Driscoll Chief Financial Officer Finance ...X
Edrulfo Rodriguez Manager, Nicaragua Country Senior Executive ...X
Elizabeth Diaz Program Engineer, Nicaragua Senior Executive ...X
Ellie Carley Coordinator, Community Engineering Corps Program Community Affairs, Conventions/Meetings ...X
Eric Lundborg Program Engineer Senior Executive ...X
Eveling Rodriguez Associate Engineer, Nicaragua Administration ...X
Francis Preli President Elect Board Member ...X
Francisco López Coordinator, Nicaragua Regional Administration ...X
Gerard Dalziel Program Engineer Senior Executive ...X
Gretchen Smithwick Senior Program Manager Operations, Senior Executive ...X
Habert Ongom Manager, Uganda Monitoring and Evaluation Senior Executive ...X
Heidi Frutchey Accounting Assistant Finance ...X
Humberto Rodas Coordinator, Guatemala Project Evaluation Administration ...X
Jaclyn Wilmot Director, Volunteer Engagement Senior Executive ...X
Jess Harig Major Gifts Officer Grants, Senior Executive ...X
Jose Ordonez Regional Coordinator., Quetzaltenango Administration ...X
Joshua Knight Senior Project Engineer Education, Senior Executive ...X
Julia Slusarz Project Coordinator, Engineering Service Corps Administration ...X
Julia Sorcinelli Coordinator, Education Education ...X
Julio Rocop Office Administrator, Guatemala Administration ...X
Katie Harlin Manager, Fundraising Senior Executive ...X
Katrina Myers Manager, Technology Computer/Information Technology ...X
Kendall Warwick-Diaz Manager, International Community Program Community Affairs, Grants, Membership ...X
Kevin Andrezejewski Senior Program Manager, Engineering Service Corps Operations, Senior Executive ...X
Lisa Helme Manager, Volunteer Engagement Senior Executive ...X
Mac Prather Engineering Service Corps Program Engineer Senior Executive ...X
Marin Brownell Program Manager Community Affairs, Operations, Senior Executive ...X
Mary Erwin Senior Accountant Finance ...X
McKenna Roberts Fellow, Engineering Service Corps Administration ...X
Meg Hilletework Director, Strategic Development Issue Management/Policy Planning ...X
Melissa Montgomery Chief Design and Build Officer Conventions/Meetings, Senior Executive ...X
Mike Paddock Senior Engineer Senior Executive ...X
Miranda Mallory Analyst, Business Systems Computer/Information Technology, Marketing ...X
Polly Andrews Manager, Volunteer Engagement Senior Executive ...X
Randy Over Treasurer Board Member, Finance ...X
Sara Tumwesigye Manager, Finance - Uganda Finance ...X
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Year Descending
Facility Amenities 
20202020 Conference Reno , NV , United States   November 5 November 7    ...X
20192019 Conference Pittsburgh , PA , United States Omni William Penn Hotel November 7 November 9    ...X
2018Conference 2018 Burlingame , CA , United States Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport November 8 November 10    ...X


  This organization has no publication data available.

Recent Lobbying Spending

Source: Lobbying Disclosure Electronic Filings, Office of the Clerk, U.S House of Representatives.

2019 Q4: $0
2019 Q3: $0
2019 Q2: $0
2019 Q1: $0
2018: $0

PAC Details

Name: -


Last updated: -

PAC Contributions


Outside Representation

Firm Name Ascending
Reg/ Term 
  This organization has no outside representation data available.

Legislative Issue Focus

Source: Lobbying Disclosure Electronic Filings, Office of the Clerk, U.S House of Representatives.

This organization has no legislative issue data available.

Active Legislation

This organization has no active legislation data available.


Contractor Ascending
Service Category 
Reported Year Descending
Reported Compensation 
  This organization has no contractors information available.

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