Cutting Through the Clutter:
Digital Advocacy Strategies from Successful Brands


Using digital strategies, major brands have continued to drive sales and loyalty despite difficult conditions.

Could the discoveries they’ve made about marketing, messaging and cutting through the clutter apply to your own advocacy efforts?  And could using these same digital strategies create unlimited new potential from even the most limited budget?

Yes! And here’s how.

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Peter LaMotte is an authority on advertising, marketing, public relations, brand reputation and digital and social media. In this 90-minute webinar, he shows associations and nonprofits how to use the digital strategies of successful business brands to drive breakthrough results for advocacy.

Success isn’t limited by your budget. You’ll discover how to apply digital sales-and-loyalty-boosting strategies to your government relations efforts. You’ll learn best practices for cutting through the clutter with our marketing, advertising and key communications. Plus, you’ll have the chance to ask your own questions during the Q&A portion of the webinar.

Reserve your space now to translate the digital strategies of successful brands into better advocacy, including how to:

  • Turn your messaging into results
  • Adapt strategies that drive sales and brand loyalty for your own advocacy goals
  • Deliver advocacy ROI under difficult conditions
  • Keep a limited budget from limiting the success of your marketing, advertising and communications efforts
  • Learn new ways to utilize your marketing and communication teams

Remember, the same digital strategies that help business brands raise sales and loyalty despite lower budgets can raise the success of your own advocacy efforts. 

Register now for Cutting Through the Clutter: Digital Advocacy Strategies from Successful Brands.

Meet Your Webinar Leaders

Over the last 20 years Peter LaMotte has built his expertise in marketing and public relations by helping a global list of clients deal with complex communications and reputational issues. He brings this diverse background to Chernoff Newman to provide holistic and integrated solutions to needs of their client.

Peter returned to his home state of South Carolina after spending ten years in Washington DC. Having been a marketing consultant to Fortune 500 brands, Peter parleyed his experience in to running an online advertising agency that created rich media content for global brands through a network of creative professionals from around the globe. Most recently, Peter oversaw engagement and strategy for a premier crisis and reputation firm based in Washington. His client base included Fortune 100 corporation, international associations, individuals and foreign governments.

A regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal and industry publications, Peter has taught reputation management, entrepreneurism, and marketing strategy at Business Schools and Universities around the country including Georgetown, Maryland, Vanderbilt and American. He holds a BA in International Business from Rhodes College and an MBA from Vanderbilt’s Graduate School of Management.

He also taught courses/seminars at Universities including Vanderbilt University, Georgetown University, Carnegie Mellon University, George Washington University, and the NYU School of 

Who Should Attend

This webinar is of value to all associations and nonprofits. Attendees who will benefit most include:

  • Advocacy professionals
  • Communications professionals
  • Government relations professionals
  • Communications directors

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