Colorado Automobile Dealers Association

Colorado Automobile Dealers Association

CADA is the voice of the automotive retail industry throughout the state. As the automobile dealer trade association, CADA advocates issues of importance to the auto industry in general, Colorado auto dealers in particular and to Colorado's driving public. Membership fee: $275-$560 (Dealer based on previous years sales); $460 (Allied).

Organization Type:
State or Regional Association
Tax Exempt Status:
Transportation, Automobiles See Also Motor Vehicles, Automotive Industry
Year Founded:
290 E. Speer Blvd.
Denver, CO 80203
260 new car and truck dealers.

Financial Snapshot


Total revenues: $2,295,126

Year - 2017
1st-yr growth
Year by Year
Fundraising income
Total contributions
Miscellaneous revenue

Total expenses: $2,400,191

Year - 2017
1st-yr growth
Year by Year
Compensation for non-officers/directors
Other expenses
Conferences, conventions, meetings

Total assets: $5,690,643

Year - 2017
1st-yr growth
Year by Year
Investments in other securities
Land, buildings, & equipment (net)
Prepaid expenses or deferred charges

Total Liabilities: $545,508

Year - 2017
1st-yr growth
Year by Year
Deferred revenue
Accounts payable and accrued expenses
Other liabilities


Revenue: Amount ($)
Fundraising income 1,113,125
Total contributions 446,857
Miscellaneous revenue 418,580
Investment income 168,580
Net rental income 90,000
Program service revenue 57,984
Gaming income 0
Tax-exempt bond proceeds 0
Royalties 0
Sales of non-inventory assets 0
Income from sales of inventory 0
Total Revenue:


1-yr growth
Fundraising income
Total contributions
Miscellaneous revenue
Investment income
Net rental income
Program service revenue


Expenses: Amount ($)
Compensation for non-officers/directors 744,882
Other expenses 208,959
Conferences, conventions, meetings 187,943
Occupancy 180,390
Lobbying fees 175,847
Depreciation, depletion, amortization 161,999
Information technology 123,853
Other fees 112,153
Office expenses 89,861
Legal fees 84,171
Travel 79,653
Pension plan contributions 69,742
Other employee benefits 61,255
Insurance 51,760
Payroll taxes 47,507
Accounting fees 18,795
Advertising and promotion 1,421
Professional fundraising fees 0
Investment management fees 0
Interest expense 0
Payments to affiliates 0
Travel/entertainment expenses to public officials 0
Royalties 0
Management fees 0
Grants to governments/orgs in the US 0
Grants to individuals in the US 0
Grants to orgs and individuals outside the US 0
Benefits paid to or for members 0
Compensation of current officers, directors, etc 0
Compensation of disqualified persons 0
Total Expenses:


1-yr growth
Compensation for non-officers/directors
Other expenses
Conferences, conventions, meetings
Lobbying fees
Depreciation, depletion, amortization
Information technology
Other fees
Office expenses
Legal fees


Assets: Amount ($)
Investments in other securities 3,177,765
Land, buildings, & equipment (net) 1,694,364
Prepaid expenses or deferred charges 244,590
Cash -- non-interest bearing 231,186
Other assets 192,971
Accounts receivable 149,767
Inventories for sale or use 0
Pledges and grants receivable 0
Investments in publicly traded securities 0
Savings and temporary cash investments 0
Receivables from officers, directors, etc. 0
Receivables from disqualified persons 0
Notes and loans receivables 0
Program-related investments 0
Intangible assets 0
Total Assets:


1-yr growth
Investments in other securities
Land, buildings, & equipment (net)
Prepaid expenses or deferred charges
Cash -- non-interest bearing
Other assets
Accounts receivable


Liabilities: Amount ($)
Deferred revenue 450,288
Accounts payable and accrued expenses 88,213
Other liabilities 7,007
Tax-exempt bond liabilities 0
Escrow or custodial account liability 0
Loans and other payables to officers, directors, etc. 0
Secured mortgages and notes payabl 0
Unsecured mortgages and notes payable 0
Grants payable 0
Total Liabilities:


1-yr growth
Deferred revenue
Accounts payable and accrued expenses
Other liabilities

   Net Assets:

Net Assets: Amount ($)
Unrestricted net assets 5,145,135
Temporarily restricted net assets 0
Permanently restricted net assets 0
Total Net Assets:


1-yr growth
Unrestricted net assets

Key Staff

Name Ascending
Add Prospect 
Christina Dawkins Chair Board Member, Senior Executive ...X
Craig Gordon Manager, Employee Benefits Sales Marketing ...X
Gregg Stone Secretary Administration, Board Member ...X
Jeremy Hamm Vice Chair Board Member, Finance ...X
John Medved Treasurer Board Member, Finance ...X
Katie Buchanan Coordinator, Member Services Membership ...X
Khorrie Luther Manager, Business Marketing, Membership ...X
Kim Jackson Director, Marketing and Communications Communications/Public Relations, Marketing ...X
Laura Will Coordinator, Accounts Finance ...X
Mark Zeigler Director, Clear the Air Foundation Foundation Contact, Senior Executive ...X
Marsha Temple Chief Operating Officer Conventions/Meetings, Operations, Senior Executive ...X
Matthew Groves Vice President, Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Chief Compliance Officer, Legal, Regulatory Affairs ...X
Polly Penna Director, Non-Dues Revenue and Sponsorship Senior Executive ...X
Rachelle Rice Chief Financial Officer and Controller Finance, Senior Executive ...X
Savannah Hatcher Coordinator, Member Services Membership ...X
Steve Zeder Secretary Administration, Board Member ...X
Tammi McCoy Vice President Administration ...X
Tim Jackson CAE, CMP President and Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director ...X
Todd Maul Past Chair Board Member, Chairman of the Board ...X


Year Descending
Facility Amenities 
2019CADA Annual Convention 2019 Southwestern Colorado , CO , United States The Broadmoor Colorado Springs September 4 September 7   Golf...X
2018CADA Annual Convention Koloa , HI , United States Grand Hyatt Kaua'i Resort November 11 November 14    ...X


Allied Member DirectoryonlineNo...X
Automotive News at a GlanceonlineNo...X
Better by AssociationweeklyNo...X
CADA BulletinmonthlyNo...X
CADA Membership DirectoryannuallyNo...X
CADA Open RoadweeklyYes...X
Colorado Auto OutlookmonthlyNo...X
Colorado Dealer Compliance GuideannuallyYes...X
Colorado Economic Impact StudybienniallyNo...X
Drive ColoradoweeklyNo...X
Drive DenverweeklyNo...X

Recent Lobbying Spending

Source: Lobbying Disclosure Electronic Filings, Office of the Clerk, U.S House of Representatives.

2019 Q3: $0
2019 Q2: $0
2019 Q1: $0
2018: $0

PAC Details

Name: -


Last updated: -

PAC Contributions


Outside Representation

Firm Name Ascending
Reg/ Term 
  This organization has no outside representation data available.

Legislative Issue Focus

Source: Lobbying Disclosure Electronic Filings, Office of the Clerk, U.S House of Representatives.

This organization has no legislative issue data available.

Active Legislation

This organization has no active legislation data available.


Contractor Ascending
Service Category 
Reported Year Descending
Reported Compensation 
  This organization has no contractors information available.

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