American Bar Association

American Bar Association

ABA's mission is to serve members, the legal profession and the public by defending liberty and delivering justice as the national representative of the legal profession. ABA represents more than 50% of practicing lawyers in the U.S. It is the federally approved accrediting agency for law schools. The American Law Student Association is a division of the ABA. Membership: Free (Judges/Lawyers/Practitioners); extra $35-100 to enroll in Sections/Divisions/Forums.

Organization Type:
National Trade or Professional Association
Tax Exempt Status:
Law/Law Firms, Counsel
Year Founded:
321 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60654
Toll Free:
410,000 members.

Other Addresses

1050 Connecticut Ave. NW
Fourth Floor, Washington DC 20036

Financial Snapshot


Total revenues: $147,448,428

Year - 2017
1st-yr growth
Year by Year
Program service revenue
Sales of non-inventory assets

Total expenses: $153,619,131

Year - 2017
1st-yr growth
Year by Year
Compensation for non-officers/directors
Conferences, conventions, meetings
Grants to governments/orgs in the US

Total assets: $319,040,810

Year - 2017
1st-yr growth
Year by Year
Investments in publicly traded securities
Cash -- non-interest bearing
Land, buildings, & equipment (net)

Total Liabilities: $164,300,125

Year - 2017
1st-yr growth
Year by Year
Other liabilities
Deferred revenue
Accounts payable and accrued expenses


Revenue: Amount ($)
Program service revenue 111,648,259
Sales of non-inventory assets 16,367,840
Royalties 8,731,437
Total contributions 8,545,096
Investment income 1,238,809
Miscellaneous revenue 916,987
Gaming income 0
Tax-exempt bond proceeds 0
Fundraising income 0
Income from sales of inventory 0
Net rental income 0
Total Revenue:


1-yr growth
Program service revenue
Sales of non-inventory assets
Total contributions
Investment income
Miscellaneous revenue


Expenses: Amount ($)
Compensation for non-officers/directors 49,897,737
Conferences, conventions, meetings 21,531,905
Grants to governments/orgs in the US 11,503,813
Travel 9,757,577
Advertising and promotion 9,676,555
Pension plan contributions 7,627,031
Office expenses 6,530,725
Occupancy 6,260,172
Compensation of current officers, directors, etc 5,054,684
Information technology 4,621,021
Other employee benefits 4,367,003
Payroll taxes 3,530,921
Depreciation, depletion, amortization 3,322,984
Other fees 2,508,373
Royalties 1,807,182
Investment management fees 1,565,538
Other expenses 1,186,552
Lobbying fees 1,028,755
Legal fees 596,331
Interest expense 583,121
Insurance 282,391
Accounting fees 168,181
Management fees 143,379
Grants to individuals in the US 67,200
Grants to orgs and individuals outside the US 0
Benefits paid to or for members 0
Compensation of disqualified persons 0
Professional fundraising fees 0
Payments to affiliates 0
Travel/entertainment expenses to public officials 0
Total Expenses:


1-yr growth
Compensation for non-officers/directors
Conferences, conventions, meetings
Grants to governments/orgs in the US
Advertising and promotion
Pension plan contributions
Office expenses
Compensation of current officers, directors, etc
Information technology


Assets: Amount ($)
Investments in publicly traded securities 280,932,261
Cash -- non-interest bearing 15,227,014
Land, buildings, & equipment (net) 11,617,432
Accounts receivable 4,551,670
Prepaid expenses or deferred charges 3,628,331
Inventories for sale or use 2,579,258
Other assets 453,713
Savings and temporary cash investments 51,131
Receivables from officers, directors, etc. 0
Receivables from disqualified persons 0
Notes and loans receivables 0
Program-related investments 0
Intangible assets 0
Investments in other securities 0
Pledges and grants receivable 0
Total Assets:


1-yr growth
Investments in publicly traded securities
Cash -- non-interest bearing
Land, buildings, & equipment (net)
Accounts receivable
Prepaid expenses or deferred charges
Inventories for sale or use


Liabilities: Amount ($)
Other liabilities 94,274,660
Deferred revenue 53,047,643
Accounts payable and accrued expenses 16,977,822
Tax-exempt bond liabilities 0
Escrow or custodial account liability 0
Loans and other payables to officers, directors, etc. 0
Secured mortgages and notes payabl 0
Unsecured mortgages and notes payable 0
Grants payable 0
Total Liabilities:


1-yr growth
Other liabilities
Deferred revenue
Accounts payable and accrued expenses

   Net Assets:

Net Assets: Amount ($)
Unrestricted net assets 154,740,685
Temporarily restricted net assets 0
Permanently restricted net assets 0
Total Net Assets:


1-yr growth
Unrestricted net assets

Key Staff

Name Ascending
Add Prospect 
Allison Goldmann Manager, Sourcing Conventions/Meetings, Senior Executive ...X
Aloysius Hogan Legislative Counsel Government Relations, Legal ...X
Amy Eggert Chief of Staff Chief of Staff ...X
Andre Burke Director, Presidential Operations Senior Executive ...X
Angela Benson Director, Membership Legal, Membership ...X
Angela Burke Director, Marketing and Planning - Center for Professional Responsibility Conventions/Meetings, Education, Marketing ...X
Anne T. Kiefer Director, Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice Legal, Regulatory Affairs ...X
Annette Reyes Director, Human Resources Human Resources ...X
Annie Kuhlman Committee Specialist Administration, Board Member ...X
Benjamin Woodson Senior Specialist, Membership and Marketing Marketing, Membership ...X
Beverly Pendowski Director, Financial Operations and Control Finance ...X
Beverly Washington Specialist, Talent Acquisition Human Resources ...X
Carol Stevens Associate Executive Director, Strategic Communications and Media Relations Communications/Public Relations ...X
Caroline Grund Director, Meetings and Administration - ABA Retirement Funds Administration, Conventions/Meetings ...X
Catherine Elizabeth Hawke Associate Director, Public Education Education ...X
Chandra Fitzpatrick Senior Manager, Outreach Education, Marketing ...X
Christine Lucianek Manager, Education and Research Education, Research ...X
Daniel Andresen Director, Global Security and D.C. Operations Operations ...X
Danielle Norwood Manager, Presidential Appointments and Coordinator, Communications Administration, Communications/Public Relations ...X
David Eppstein Legislative Counsel Government Relations, Legal ...X
Denise A. Cardman Deputy Director Government Relations, Lobby Day Contact, Senior Executive ...X
Di Robertson Associate Director, Programming Senior Executive ...X
Diana Z. Gilbert Managing Director Administration, Senior Executive ...X
Ellen J. Bennett Lead Senior Counsel and Managing Editor Legal, Publications ...X
Ellie Holden Manager, Sourcing Conventions/Meetings, Senior Executive ...X
Ellyn Rosen Lead Senior Counsel, Regulation and Global Initiatives Legal, Regulatory Affairs ...X
Eric Storey Director, Grassroots and Digital Advocacy Government Relations, Legal ...X
Eunice Hubbard Specialist, Business Legal, Marketing ...X
Faye Brooks Director, Meetings and Travel Department Conventions/Meetings ...X
Helen W. Gunnarsson Associate Counsel Legal, Publications ...X
Hillary Glazer Family Law Section Legal ...X
Holly O’Grady Cook Principal Deputy Director Government Relations, LDA Contact, Lobby Day Contact, Senior Executive ...X
Howard F. Kaplan Associate Director, Administration and Programs Administration, Education ...X
Jack L. Rives Executive Director Executive Director ...X
Jackie Casey Director, ABA Fund Justice and Education Education, Senior Executive ...X
James Dimos Deputy Executive Director Senior Executive ...X
Janet Hummons Director, CLE and Meetings Conventions/Meetings, Education ...X
Janet L. Jackson Director, Innovation Center Senior Executive ...X
Jess E. Moyar Chief Information Officer Computer/Information Technology ...X
Joanne O'Reilly Staff Director, Publications and Marketing Marketing, Publications ...X
Joanne Travis Director, Section of Antitrust Law Legal, Senior Executive ...X
John Holtaway Client Protection Counsel Government Relations, Legal ...X
Judy Perry Martinez President Elect Board Member ...X
Julia Passamani Specialist, Business Law Section Marketing Computer/Information Technology, Marketing ...X
Karen Lewis Alexander Chief Marketing Officer Marketing ...X
Katy Englehart Deputy Director Senior Executive ...X
Kelly Rodenberg Director, Forums Board Member, Senior Executive ...X
Kenneth Goldsmith Senior Legislative Counsel and Director, State Legislation Government Relations, Legal ...X
Kimley Grant Senior Paralegal Legal ...X
Krista Herman Program Specialist Conventions/Meetings ...X
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Year Descending
Facility Amenities 
2024Annual Meeting Chicago , IL , United States   August 1 August 6    ...X
2023ABA Midyear Meeting 2023 New Orleans , LA , United States   February 1 February 7    ...X
2023Annual Meeting 2023 Denver , CO , United States Hyatt Regency Denver August 3 August 8    ...X
2022Mid Year Meeting 2022 Seattle , WA , United States Sheraton Seattle February 9 February 15   Convention Center...X
2022Annual Meeting 2022 Chicago , IL , United States Hyatt Regency Chicago August 4 August 9   Convention Center...X
20212021 Midyear Meeting Orlando , FL , United States Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotel February 10 February 16    ...X
20212021 ABA Annual Meeting Toronto , ON , Canada Fairmont Royal York Hotel August 5 August 10    ...X
20202020 Midyear Meeting Austin , TX , United States Austin JW Marriott Hotel February 12 February 18   Ski, Cruise, Golf, Casino, Convention Center...X
20202020 ABA Annual Meeting Chicago , IL , United States Hyatt Regency Chicago July 30 August 4   Convention Center...X
20192019 Midyear Meeting Las Vegas , NV , United States Caesars Palace January 23 January 28   Ski, Cruise, Golf, Casino, Convention Center...X
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ABA JournalmonthlyNo...X
Communications LawyerquarterlyNo...X
Criminal JusticequarterlyNo...X
Human RightsquarterlyNo...X
Labor and Employment LawquarterlyNo...X
Membership DirectoryonlineNo...X
Probate & Propertybi-monthlyNo...X
Student LawyermonthlyNo...X
The Air and Space LawyerquarterlyNo...X
The International LawyerquarterlyNo...X
The Urban LawyerquarterlyNo...X

Recent Lobbying Spending

Source: Lobbying Disclosure Electronic Filings, Office of the Clerk, U.S House of Representatives.

2018 Q4: $195,156
2018 Q3: $196,875
2018 Q2: $12,500
2018 Q1: $248,750
2017: $37,500

PAC Details

Name: -


Last updated: -

PAC Contributions


Outside Representation

Firm Name Ascending
Reg/ Term 
Stoll IP Consulting LLCTermination 01/23/2018 ...X
Vizcaya Trade StrategiesRegistration 02/12/2018 ...X

Active Legislation

This organization has no active legislation data available.


Contractor Ascending
Service Category 
Reported Year Descending
Reported Compensation 
Vizcaya Trade Strategies Lobbying/Advocacy/Legal2019 $16,912 ...X
Navisite Inc IT Consulting2018 $2,335,342 ...X
Quad Graphics Inc Printing Services2018 $2,067,096 ...X
Vizcaya Trade Strategies Lobbying/Advocacy/Legal2018 $33,281 ...X
Quad Graphics Inc Printing Services2017 $2,017,455 ...X
Stoll IP Consulting LLC Lobbying/Advocacy/Legal2017 $150,000 ...X
ALLIANT INSURANCE SERVICES, INC. Benefits Provider2016 $10,488 ...X
AON CONSULTING GROUP Financial Management2016 - ...X
AON CONSUTTING, INC Actuary Services2016 - ...X
BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD OF ILLINOIS Insurance Provider2016 - ...X
CA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT Financial Management2016 - ...X
CAMBRIDGE ASSOCIATES LLC Financial Management2016 - ...X
CONTINENTAL CASUALTY COMPANY Insurance Provider2016 - ...X
Escendent LLC Consulting/Talent Services2016 $1,865,930 ...X
FEDERAL INSURANCE COMPANY Insurance Provider2016 - ...X
GRANT THORNTON LLP Audit Services2016 - ...X
HEWITT ASSOCIATES - PENS MGMT Financial Management2016 - ...X
Infocision Management Corporation Telemarketing2016 $1,526,651 ...X
KAISER PERMANENTE Insurance Provider2016 - ...X
LEVIN CAPITAL STRATEGIES, LP Financial Management2016 - ...X
Navisite Inc IT Consulting2016 $865,912 ...X
NORTHERN TRUST COMPANY Financial Management2016 - ...X
PILLSBURY WINTHROP LLP Financial Management2016 - ...X
Quad Graphics Inc Printing Services2016 $2,368,543 ...X
SANDERSON ASSET MANAGEMENT, LLP Financial Management2016 - ...X
SANDERSON INTL VALUE GROUP Financial Management2016 - ...X
STATE STREET CORPORTION Financial Management2016 - ...X
Stoll IP Consulting LLC Lobbying/Advocacy/Legal2016 $150,000 ...X
TAVE AND ASSOCIATES, LLC Benefits Provider2016 - ...X
UNUM Insurance Provider2016 - ...X
USPS Shipping2016 $2,534,061 ...X
VOYA FINANCIAL Financial Management2016 - ...X
WELLS FARGO BANK Financial Management2016 - ...X
YOYA RETIREMENT INSURANCE & ANNUITY Financial Management2016 - ...X
Escendent LLC Consulting/Talent Services2015 $1,156,274 ...X
Infocision Management Corporation Telemarketing2015 $1,786,005 ...X
Navisite Inc IT Consulting2015 $981,241 ...X
Quad Graphics Inc Printing Services2015 $2,565,434 ...X
Stoll IP Consulting LLC Lobbying/Advocacy/Legal2015 $37,500 ...X
UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE Shipping2015 $3,010,000 ...X

***Disclaimer: This information has been sourced from a combination of the IRS Forms 990, 5500, and the Federal Audit Clearinghouse is a Paid Subscription Service.  
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