The Advocacy Handbook:
A Practitioner's Guide to Achieving Policy Goals Through Organization Networks

Need to accomplish major policy goals on a smaller budget?
Have to reach officials leery of “special interests?”
Want to leverage Web 2.0 tactics - without risking legal and ethical nightmares?

With a landslide of policy initiatives churning through Washington, the states and local governments, you can’t be everywhere at once.  Still, even one phrase in a bill can have a profound impact on your organization's policy goals.

If you’re starting fresh with advocacy or trying to catch up with organizations that already have highly motivated networks in place, the handbook helps you plan and implement a comprehensive program.  Or, simply zero in on specific aspects of your existing plan, like shoring up HLOGA compliance, creating multi-level networks, or dealing with opponents.

Packed with ready-to-use samples, tables, and case studies

Written by “Advocacy Guru” Stephanie Vance, The Advocacy Handbook arms your organization with the all-new secrets for recruiting, motivating, and empowering your members.  This hard-working manual delivers step-by-step guidance on what works best for communications, training, motivation, activities, the media, connecting with elected officials, and telling that all-important “story.”

Whether you’re an advocacy veteran or newcomer, you’ll find everything you need to succeed, including how to:
  • Organize your policy agenda
  • Comply with the legalities of advocacy
  • Structure and build your network according to your mission — and budget
  • Recruit and communicate effectively with advocates
  • Train your members on when — and how — to take action
  • Inspire your advocates to share compelling personal stories
  • Plan results-oriented advocacy activities, including lobby days, virtual lobby days, site visits, town hall meetings, and campaigns using Web 2.0, email, phone calls, or letters
  • Get positive public relations and media visibility
  • Work with and contribute to PACs and political campaigns

Remember, so much policy is coming down the pike! Just one clause in a bill could have a profound impact on your organization's policy goals.

Order now to mobilize your advocacy network in time to make a difference.

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